Well, what can I say?! I'm still no better at keeping up with my blogs... I'm back for now though! How is everyone getting on with lockdown? I truly hope you're all doing well.

Everyones lives have been turned upside down and I know the feeling! I have gone from popping back home for an hour or so before dashing back out again to another session... to not going out at all! Its soooooo weird - I'm even starting to miss the school run just because it was a routine I had to stick to and it was out of the house (please dont ever remind me of that in the future)!

I now spend most of my days in what my daughters playroom. It is now a playroom/office/fitness studio/dance studio! Who knew such a small room could be so much? I have been sat at the desk in that room far more than I've wanted to be! Between home schooling, learning different things myself and the dreaded paperwork, it seems like I am always there! Who knew that to move all of my sessions online, I needed to not only change my daughters playroom about lol but also workout how to use lots of new software, change insurance details, get new music licenses, get new client forms completed and all sorts of things I'd not really thought about before! I feel like I am busier than ever, yet I'm not even going out of the house!

I suppose it's not all bad! It has given me the kick up the bottom that I've needed, to get all of these things done (and more)! I have finally got my own recipe book created and am just waiting for the hard copies to come through too. I am recording better videos and am even learning how to edit them effectively myself - something that I never thought I'd ever attempt to learn! I have done so much learning over the past few weeks.

I have to admit that I cant wait for life to go back to normal, but I will definitely go back to it a little differently! I might even enjoy the school run... ok, let's not go that far! Keep going everyone, it's not forever (it just feels like it)!

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