Bad blogger of the year award goes to.....

Yes, the bad blogger award goes to me! I have all the intentions, but when I first qualified as a PT, blogging wasn't even a thing! Little did I know that one day it would be 'The Thing'!

That brings me onto the current subject! Technology, social media and all that jazz! On top of fitness courses this year, I have had to take extra courses on how to keep up with world! I had absolutely no idea how social media worked, not properly. I understood that you could find out what your friend had for dinner by having a scroll, but I didn't realise how important it was for businesses. Then I realised and guess what? I was totally lost! There is so much to learn and it seems to be so important to upload the right content in the right format. Apparently everyone wants videos! I never knew. When I was younger, the only videos you would be interested in is music videos or a film, not of someone promoting stuff and showing you what they've been up to. Things have changed and I am determined not to turn into a dinosaur, so, my challenge for the next part of my life is to take more videos and upload them to the world... wish me luck! 

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