Getting back to it!

If you’ve read just one of my blogs, or even just scrolled through them, then you will notice that I am not the best at keeping to blogging! I’m unsure whether it’s time, content or that I forget, but either way I don’t  do it very often! 

So, this blog is about my personal journey - lately! Lately, it’s not been so much of a journey! With the school holidays, my exercise has taken a bit of a tumble! There’s only so much you can do with a hyperactive five year old! I was planning to go more hardcore and I’m afraid to say that I haven’t even kept up to the sessions I was doing let along gone hardcore! So, next week is back to school week and for me it’s back to hardcore fitness and diet! I’ve convinced my mum to finally get on track too so that’s a bonus! I’ll be taking her first measurements and photos on Monday and I’m hoping that in time, she will be confident enough to let me post them! 

I’m quite happy with my current weight, I’ve still been pretty good with that side of things but either way, I’m going on a diet! I’ve decided that it’s my last chance to get back to the lightest I’ve been as an adult! It’s not because I’m not happy, it’s not because I think I’m fat, it’s more to set myself a different type of challenge for once! I like to try different diets now and again so that when clients ask me about them, I can give my honest opinion. It can be hard to do though if I haven’t really got a want or reason to do it. So, my reason is simply to see if I can and also because I’m slightly intrigued as to how different a 32 year old me looks and feels at the same weight as I was at 18! 

Let the challenge commence.... ok it starts in 5 days.... but let the thinking of the challenge commence! And let’s see if I can keep up the blogging to fill you in on how we are doing! :) x

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