My weight loss journey

Ok, it’s been a while! Apologies for that...

This post is all about me and my weight loss journey. Weight loss is so different for everyone. Some can do it easily and some just love anything bad for them and really have to work hard to even maintain their weight, let alone lose any! I am the latter! 

I am usually pretty good at maintaining my weight and eating healthy enough to be able to have the cheeky snack now and again. This all changed last year! Some medication which I had to take assisted me with putting on 2.5 stone in just 3 months. I didn’t know that was truly possible before then! 

So, June last year, it was time to start getting that weight off! It’s been hard. I haven’t always been as dedicated to it as I should have. Keeping the exercise going has been fine for me, laying off the food has been harder! I did have a little break over Christmas, I admit it! Either way, I am now down to my last 7.5 pounds to go before I am back to my original weight. I must say, this last stone is proving difficult but I know I’ve done the hard bit and I know that I can definitely do this! 

So, there we are - watch me and question my weight loss if you see me - it’ll help me to keep on track! I’m hoping it won’t be long! 

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