Do what you believe works...

When I tell people that I am a personal trainer, they automatically assume that I go to the gym a lot - do I? No. I haven’t stepped into a gym for about nine months. Do I workout? Yes, of course I do. Working out doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym for hours per day though! The only time I tend to use the gym is for running in the summer months. I suffer from hay fever, so running along the road in the height of hay fever season can prove a little tough! Other than this, I generally just don’t enjoy the gym. I know plenty of people that do and I would always encourage people that do enjoy it to use it. I am qualified to work in gyms, I know how they work, I just don’t really like them. So I do what I know works! I do my Bootcamp sessions for my own fitness sessions. I also run - well, some athletes probably wouldn’t class it as running but I try my best! I’m not a natural when it comes to running - I get bored. Some people believe that to get fit they have to go to the gym but all you have to do is raise your heart rate and keep it raised for a length of time. It really is that easy!  

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