Working out in the cold!

Whilst discussing what I do for a living this weekend, I explained that as part of my job I run outdoor Bootcamp’s, early mornings and evenings. The question I received back ‘how can you do that in the cold and the dark’? Probably a question that many people wonder when someone tells them they go to sessions like this. Well, here is my answer! Yes, it can be cold and yes, it’s dark but no, it’s not horrible! I actually believe it’s better when it’s cold. You can work your buttocks off and still not be dripping with sweat! The thing is, you’re only really cold whilst you’re warming up - all part of the warm up! Then you’re getting hot just like you would when doing exercise anywhere else, but you still have the cold weather to keep your temperature at a good level! Now don’t get me wrong, you need a thick pair of socks, some gloves and if they invented one, a nose warmer! Those parts of your body can get a little chilly! Overall though, it’s good fun! Being out in the air makes everything seem more natural and really more exciting - I enjoy it!  

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