Water and the elderly...

How do you explain to an elderly person that has lived on tea and Guinness throughout their life, that now they're in their 80s, they need to drink.... water! It's so difficult! No matter how many doctors, nurses, friends and specialists have tried to explain how important it is, he just will not do it! This is my Granddad I am speaking about! He's had a few of life's medical challenges thrown at him lately. He went through the majority of his life being very fit and always healthy (the Guinness was always seen as healthy back then lol)! Even at 60, he was coaching tug of war teams and could still have a game of football with you. This is why he finds it so hard now he's in his 80s to realise that as you get older (some luckier than others) that natural fitness and your health disappears and you have to actually start working at it. I'm not sure he would believe that some of us have had to work at it in our 20s! I am usually quite good with the water thing! I advise people about the fruit infusers, the different ways to make your water taste nice as well as the different ways to fit the amount of water into a day. With my granddad, I fear I am failing! They always say family are the worst clients! Ok, so he's not technically a client, but I can't get this water thing through to him! It's boring! Try some fresh lemon, cucumber, apple - it's all too modern apparently! A tea bag in it, with a splash of milk and some sugar though, he's your man! He's getting better at it - he drunk two tiny bottles of water the other day - we will keep trying, he will keep trying and hopefully together we will get there!

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