You inspire me!

A client of mine today told me that I was an inspiration to her, so I thought it was time I admitted something.

Being a personal trainer, when people have reached their goals, lost their weight, ran their race or whatever that may be, they often thank me. I am not denying that I am there to guide them along their journey and that I may have been of some assistance however to be so grateful to me often seems unfair. It is not me that has had to put in all the hard work. It is not me that has said no to that cake, or has done that extra 10 burpees. In fact, watching my clients often inspires me. Some people I have worked with over the years have worked so hard that it has made me step up a gear. Seeing how some people really do give 110% at every session is a wonderful sight and something very inspiring to others, including myself. I know what you have to do and I can teach you and guide you on how to do it but please know, these are the easier bits. It's the doing it that is the hard work. I know that because I have been on my own journeys in my fitness life. Just because I'm a PT, that doesn't automatically make the effort any easier - I wish it did! So thank you to my clients, thank you for inspiring me to put in as much effort into my fitness regimes as you do into yours! I admit it - you are as much my inspiration as I am yours, if not more!

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