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So I asked the question - how do I get my company out there more? Start a blog they said! Easy to say eh! So here I am, starting my blog. Without meaning to offend anyone, I often find fitness blogs a little repititive and often quite boring. How do I write a blog without it being boring? I have no idea but I'm going to crack on and give it a go!

So, my first blog will explain what I might blog about! Yes, I will often mention drinking water - that's something I don't think will ever get old! I may go on a little about nutrition and I will definitely be detailing some fitness ideas! However, I don't want this to be a typical fitness blog so it will also be very personal. I will talk about my week, my working week, my exercise this week and maybe just a little about life!

Well, that's my first blog - short and sweet and not really very informative, but it's done and it's there! Watch this space to see if I improve!

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