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Working out in the cold!

Whilst discussing what I do for a living this weekend, I explained that as part of my job I run outdoor Bootcamp’s, early mornings and evenings. The question I received back ‘how can you do that in the cold and the dark’? Probably a question that many people wonder when someone tells them they go to sessions like this. Well, here is my answer! Yes, it can be cold and yes, it’s dark but no, it’s not horrible! I actually believe it’s better when it’s cold. You can work your buttocks off and still not be dripping with sweat! The thing is, you’re only really cold whilst you’re warming up - all part of the warm up! Then you’re getting hot just like you would when doing exercise anywhere else, b

Water and the elderly...

How do you explain to an elderly person that has lived on tea and Guinness throughout their life, that now they're in their 80s, they need to drink.... water! It's so difficult! No matter how many doctors, nurses, friends and specialists have tried to explain how important it is, he just will not do it! This is my Granddad I am speaking about! He's had a few of life's medical challenges thrown at him lately. He went through the majority of his life being very fit and always healthy (the Guinness was always seen as healthy back then lol)! Even at 60, he was coaching tug of war teams and could still have a game of football with you. This is why he finds it so hard now he's in his 80s to real

You inspire me!

A client of mine today told me that I was an inspiration to her, so I thought it was time I admitted something. Being a personal trainer, when people have reached their goals, lost their weight, ran their race or whatever that may be, they often thank me. I am not denying that I am there to guide them along their journey and that I may have been of some assistance however to be so grateful to me often seems unfair. It is not me that has had to put in all the hard work. It is not me that has said no to that cake, or has done that extra 10 burpees. In fact, watching my clients often inspires me. Some people I have worked with over the years have worked so hard that it has made me step up a gea

Blog it!

So I asked the question - how do I get my company out there more? Start a blog they said! Easy to say eh! So here I am, starting my blog. Without meaning to offend anyone, I often find fitness blogs a little repititive and often quite boring. How do I write a blog without it being boring? I have no idea but I'm going to crack on and give it a go! So, my first blog will explain what I might blog about! Yes, I will often mention drinking water - that's something I don't think will ever get old! I may go on a little about nutrition and I will definitely be detailing some fitness ideas! However, I don't want this to be a typical fitness blog so it will also be very personal. I will talk about my

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